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When I was pregnant with my first son, I spoke to a close friend who had given birth just a few months before. I was looking for reassurance and advice, and she told me that though having a newborn was hard, it did make her feel like she and her husband were on the same team.

A few weeks later I sat on the couch holding my newborn baby boy. I was crying. I didn’t know why. All I knew was that I didn’t feel like the person I had been before, and that my husband looked like a stranger too — one who couldn’t carry or feed our baby like I could; one who had been able to drink beer and eat deli meat throughout my pregnancy. Not that I was bitter. And as he looked back, I could tell he didn’t recognize me either.

We felt further apart than ever, with mere feet between us. Never had I felt less on the same team.

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  1. Ginger Snyder says:

    I love your writing. Although I am now a grandmother of boys, I send your articles all the time to my daughter. She is expecting boy #3 any day now. Thank you for your insight.

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